I’m Getting There

29 May

Hello dear blog. I’ve been neglecting you for far too long, because I have been busy doing a number of things, but mostly Getting There. We opened last night and my phenomenal and amazing company shone like the stars they are. Come and see.

Getting There
a play by Karen Jeynes
directed by Jaqueline Dommisse
with Brian Heydenrych and Erica Glyn-Jones
and video by Kerrin Kokot
Liquidlime Studios
28 – 31 Mayveiled bwgimpsmall
“Remembering how it felt the first time we held hands, and my whole arm started tingling. I remember this green shirt you used to wear, a silk button up shirt which somehow looked far too formal and yet completely right, and it made your eyes shine. I remember telling Rachel about that shirt, I spent hours describing the metal buttons and the way the collar curved around your neck and the bottom hung over the waistband of your old Levi’s…It was so good. We were so good. What happened to us?”
We all like going on journeys. Guilt Trips, Trips Down Memory Lane – we’re experts at them. In fact, the average person spends over a hundred hours a year driving, and ten hours a year looking for parking. But we haven’t found any statistics for how much time every year we spend talking in cars, making out in cars, and waiting in cars. “Getting There” takes you on a journey into the heart of a relationship. Situated in and around cars, the 21st century cocoon from reality, this is a quest to find out if love really is all you need.
Jaqueline Dommisse of Hearts and Eyes Theatre Collective directs this new play by Karen Jeynes – a continuation of her quest to blur the lines between fantasy and reality, theatre and real life. Erica Glyn-Jones and Brian Heydenrych bring the intricate relationship of Rebecca and Gerhard to life.
Bookings are now open for our showcase run, 28 – 30 May at 8pm at Liquidlime Studios. EXTRA SHOW 31 MAY AT 5PM. Tickets are R50 – to book now email us on activision.sa@gmail.com.


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