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14 Jun

I am unexpectedly going to Grahamstown Festival this year, to take part in a writing project. With no pressure of producing a show, and with a few days to see shows, I have been browsing the main and fringe programme with great interest this evening. Two things jumped out at me: the awesome music line up, with most of my “must sees” being on the music programme – Andy Lund, Jesse Clegg, The Parlotones, Dear Reader, Farryl Purkiss.

And a play…a play about how different women feel about their breasts. Written by a man. And directed by a man.

Now, I didn’t think this would disturb me so much. But it does. I would never presume to write a play about how men feel about their penises.

The question is – do I go and see it now, and find out whether I was wrong to be afraid, be very afraid?