Naplwrimo: Inspiration comes in the strangest places

3 Nov

This year I am once again leaping headlong into the madness of – and because she is sweet, Dorothy lets me blog for them. And because I’m lazy I thought I’d duplicate that blog here! So here’s my first post:

It is already the 3rd of November and I have been a bad playwright. I haven’t written a word. I have an excuse: I finished my final Honours essay on Sunday, and then yesterday I handed everything in and, well, let’s be honest, drank too much champagne.

I thought very hard about writing something last night, but I was uninspired, and ended up on Facebook instead. I started chatting to a friend, and because Facebook was being imbecilic, we started chatting on Skype.

And today, just about an hour ago, I realised that I had inspiration for my play – a play I am now SO keen to write, and into which I can put a character who has inhabited my mind for years but never found a home.

You see we discovered last night that we are both random travellers. We go places and don’t remember where they are. We take pictures of things because they’re pretty, and don’t know what they’re called. We don’t plan or research, we just go.

And I thought about all the nice parallels with life that idea had.

And so my play is called “Going Somewhere”, and I am thrilled to write it, thrilled to be inspired, thrilled to be part of this fabulous Naplwrimo journey once again.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride!


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