Naplwrimo: No really…what’s the play actually ABOUT?

12 Nov

Having such a crazy November, but I’m (hopefully) channeling all the craziness into good things for my play. I have just arrived in Zagreb, and en route, I spent an hour in a coffee shop in Frankfurt airport discussing my play with a fellow writer. He asked me what the play was about. A simple question. A complicated answer. Since I got such fab response from my character quiz, I thought I’d share something else here. Yes, I say this a lot, so if you’ve heard it before, tough: the best advice I ever got on playwrighting was in a workshop run by Jonathan Lloyd of the Soho Theatre. He asked us to complete the sentence “this play is about XXXXX who wants XXXXX but XXXXX”. Devastatingly simple. Devastatingly hard. And, of course, if you are like me and choose to make life even harder for yourself and have four stories in one play, you get to answer it three times.

SO This play is about Jack, who wants to see everything, but doesn’t want to be seen. This play is about Sandrine, who wants to understand everything, but doesn’t want to be understood. This play is about Kai, who wants to be loved, but doesn’t love himself. This play is about Lucy, who wants to go everywhere, but hasn’t ever stepped outside of herself.

For some reason these are all on the whimsical side – I normally tend to much more practical and detailed sentences. But this play is what it is… So – what’s your play about?


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