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In just 30 days I can make you a play

2 Dec

A month ago “Going Somewhere?” did not exist. There was an idea, a conversation, about random travelling – going with the flow. And so the play was born. It’s a play about four people who coincide for a moment on their own journeys.

I wrote it as part of Naplwrimo, the fabulous and amazing brainchild of the fabulous and amazing Dorothy Lemoult, in which a lot of crazy writers sign up to write a play in a month. The deadline, and the sense of community make for great writing, and I am exceedingly grateful to Dorothy, Toni, Elizabeth and all of my fellow writers for helping me along the way.

And then I had this crazy idea. Why not record the play and podcast it? Ha! Easier said than done. But after huge battles with technology, and a very steep learning curve – here it is. Thank you so much to Paul Scott for answering some of my dumb technical questions.

The actors were reading blind, as I’d only just finished the play, and they were roped in at the last minute. Luckily for me, they are very remarkable! I owe drinks and large favours to Erica Glyn-Jones, Haidee Crowe, Matthew Kalil and Themba Stewart for giving so graciously of their talent, time and bandwidth!

This play would not have been written without the advice, support and occasionally words of Chris Brookstone, whom I plan to co-author a play with in the near future. Thanks also to Peter Krummeck for letting me adopt his delicious description of Cardiff.

HUGE thanks to my family for not only tolerating but even encouraging me to pursue writing, at all hours of the night and day. I owe you boys.

DISCLAIMER: Just to say it one more time – this is the first draft of a play conceived of and written in a month, read blind. smiley so forgive us any stumbles along the way

And without further ado…