Here are some things you can do right now

16 Mar

So, I’m knackered, but since a lot of people responded to me via email yesterday, I thought I’d continue to ride this wave by offering you some suggestions of what you could do, and pointing you  to the awesome wonder of what Imogen Heap is doing right now.

Playwrights. Where are you looking for opportunities? Or even before that: what are you writing? One of my favourite stories is of the writer who asked Pieter Dirk Uys for money to write a play. Dirk Uys sent them a pen and a pad, and told them to be in touch again once they’d written it. Where are you submitting your plays? Are you listed? Do you have monologues out there?

Musicians – oh holy wow, have you seen how Imogen Heap is crowdsourcing her new song? Here’s the link again, because it’s so awesome – heapsong1. So many ways for all sorts of creatives to engage, so much creativity and imagination, and, as she points out, crowdsourcing puts a deadline on a project and gives you the impetus to work. Also, have you put mp3s out there in the universe?  One of my favourite new musicians, Sam McCarthy is on soundcloud – simple. Beautiful.

As for the theatremakers, the dancers, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about YouTube. YOUTube. But just in case, here are some examples of what performing artists can do on this medium to expose themselves to the world:

At the top of the scale, with the budget to back them up, are National Theatre and their stunning NTLive initiative – you can check out their trailer.

Or there’s the eyebending shadow puppets of Pilobilus.

And closer to home, South African dance company Ikapa fly across your screen.

I’m going to keep on at you guys: DO SOMETHING.


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