My new favourite grammar book

13 Jul

Yes, I just said that. Because I am that nerdy. But “The Elements of F*cking Style” is not merely a book, I believe it to be a way of life.

Mark my words, I am going to be carrying this book around with me wherever I go. And before the faint  of heart and purists out there get all silly about how unnecessary the swearing, references to sex, and general excessiveness of the book is: that’s the fucking point of it. As the authors point out in their “Introduction, or How I Learned to Stop Writing Like a Three-Year-Old and Love Grammar”, the book works because it is attention grabbing, and therefore memorable.

From the correct use of semicolons to advice about paragraph structure, EFS (as my twitter followers and I like to call it) will give you the answers in ways that will be permanently seared into your brain. And if you think you don’t need it, remember that “Even the clinically insane make sense to themselves”.

This book brings grammar to the masses, and boy do the masses need it. So what are you waiting for? Just remember “Don’t use this knowledge for evil.”


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