An Ode to Poetry

6 Oct

It’s Poetry Day, and that makes me happy. Poetry is one of those things, like marmite, that you either love or hate.  For me, a good poem can light up a whole day. This is one of my favourites, mostly because of how much it seems to enjoy itself.


THE LONELY BILTONG – author unkown

 The sun shone out of the heavens,

The birds they were all still,

And only the song of the koppies

And the donga’s bark so shrill

Broke the silence and heat of the noonday;

While under the summer sun

Two little mosbolletjies wandered

And laughed in childish fun.

Still were the tall maasbankers

And even the wild konfyt

Slept in the shade of the voorslags

Although the hour was late.

Herds of beautiful voetsaks

Ate the succulent short green kloof;

While a couple of drunken disselbooms

Slept on the farmhouse roof.

Krantzes and veldskoens in hundreds

Scented the summer air;

The spruits were laden with berries,

Truly the world looked fair.

Over the gravelled naartjies,

A lonely biltong ran.

I gazed at it all in wonder,

And murmured “Ag, sis tog man!”


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